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The Recovery Process, Explanation and Instructions.

Our form preparation is very simple and can typically be done in a matter of minutes. Following is a basic explanation of the process. The sooner it is completed the sooner the monies will be delivered to your company.
  1. Review and complete the two forms sent to you by one of Adar's associates: the standard contract between client (your firm) and Adar, and the recovery form with instructions for the government. These are the:
    1) Agreement and Fee Memorandum, and, the
    2) Authority to Collect Funds (this form must be printed on your company stationery/letterhead.)
  2. Include in the "Authority to Collect Funds" form the names of all companies and affiliates you wish Adar to research for potential funds recovery. Be sure to provide documentation or sources confirming the association with each name: Company Report, Companies House, Internet Reference, etc...
  3. Note: If you choose to include BACS details (only UK banks accepted) your payments will be expedited; reissue costs are lower.
  4. Please scan the prepared forms and email them to your Adar Associate as a final review in order to ensure a successful recovery.
  5. Upon confirmation by Adar that the forms have been properly prepared please mail original forms by post, or courier, to our listed address (see below).
  6. Forms are submitted for processing by Adar the same day we receive them.
  7. You will receive direct payment from the appropriate government agency within 3 weeks.
That's it! Please contact us if you have any further questions.

Address for legal review and form processing in both the US and the UK:
Adar International Inc.
7662 Hawks Landing Drive
West Palm Beach, Florida, 33412
If you have not yet received our forms from your Adar Associate you can request them on our Research page.

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